Tips to Lead a Happy & Healthy Life

downloadWhen planning to make some healthy changes in your life, you would definitely not want to have yet another calorie-counting food journal or a book that suggests a the list of effective exercises for toning up the troublesome parts of the body. Right? Rather you would want to look for simple tips to lead a healthier life. Here are some tips for a happier, healthier life. Have a look at them:

Eat colours of rainbow: Eat fruits and vegetables that are found in a variety of bright, deep colours. Make sure you take up these food in your diet along with others. Too much of colour is a sign of loads of phytonutrients, biologically active substances, which protect the plants from bacteria and viruses and give same benefits to human beings.

Exercise the way the kids play: To burn calories, there is no need to rub long distances without any interval. Short bursts of too much of exertion interspersed with leisurely movement is ideal. Interval training is what has become a must. For this, you will not need the assistance of a personal trainer or any specially designed workout. While you are running, you can sprint for 1 minute and then walk trot or walk for five. While swimming, you can swim one lap fast and then do 3 at your own leisurely pace. Exercising this way, you will be able to burn more.

Spend a lot of time with people whom you love: This is a very important thing for living a happier, healthy life. You need to be around people who can make you laugh, who can listen deeply to you and with whom you can talk about your problems very easily. You need to be your true self. Don’t think that Facebook or mail or phone is going to help you here. Physical and emotional closeness matters a lot.

Take these every week : Cruciferous veggies can lower the risk of cancer. The dark leafy greens offer more calorie and nutrition than any other kind of food. Avocados help in protecting the body from cancer, heart disease and a few degenerative diseases. Blueberries help in preventing diabetes, cancer, ulcers, heart disease and high blood pressure. All these act as popular Chinese medicine in Northern Beaches in keeping the body fit and healthy. Chinese medicine basically focuses on restoring the balance of body, energy and spirit for maintaining health rather than treating any specific medical condition or disease. healthy-lifestyle

Wander barefoot : Walk barefoot on grass, sand or earth whenever you get chance. Not only does it boost the immune system of our body, it even give us a little charge. We get electrons from earth just like we get oxygen from air, vitamin D from sun and so on. The electrons actually have calming as well as healing benefits for the entire body.


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