How to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy?

Taking Care During Pregnancy _ Northside AcupunctureNow that you are pregnant, it is essential that you take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. To increase the chance of having a problem-free pregnancy as well as a healthy baby you need to follow this simple guideline.

Get an early prenatal care: A good prenatal care is very important for you as well as your baby. You only need to give a call to your healthcare provider and fix an appointment for your first prenatal visit.

Watch out what you are eating: You need to eat for two. This means you will have to eat 300 extra calories every day and a lot of protein. 70 grams per day would be fine. However, your calcium requirement can remain the same but make sure you meet it. You may want to steer clear of meat and undercooked eggs, dairy products, cold deli meats, unpasteurized juices and raw seafood to avoid consuming bacteria, which may harm the body. Avoiding certain fish that contain high levels of mercury or other kinds of contaminants is also important.

Take prenatal vitamins: Most of the prenatal supplements have a lot of folic acid as well as iron than you will find it in any standard multivitamin. It’s essential to get sufficient folic acid before conceiving and while you are pregnant because it helps in preventing birth defects. You must start to take 400 micrograms folic acid at least one month before being pregnant. After your pregnancy gets confirmed, take 600 mcg. Also make sure to get enough iron. The requirement of iron increases a lot especially at the time of second & third trimesters.

Exercise regularly: Most of the exercise including bicycling, running, swimming and weight training are safe to do during pregnancy only if you do not let yourself get overheated. Also make sure to drink a lot of water.

Visit a skilled acupuncturist: It has been found out that first trimester is basically when acupuncture has proved to be much beneficial for pregnancy in Northern Beaches. It can help with morning sickness, nausea, threatened miscarriage or just lack of energy and tiredness. Weekly treatments are ideal during first trimester. An acupuncture treatment every 6 weeks during pregnancy until 34 weeks has even proved to be very beneficial for pregnant mothers.pregnancy care _ Northside Acupuncture

Take some rest: You may experience fatigue during first and third trimester. This tells you that you should give yourself some rest. Relaxation techniques like stretching, yoga, massage and deep breathing are all great ways of combating stress.

Things you should avoid: Don’t drink alcohol, smoke or use street drugs. Cut back on caffeine and eliminate the environmental dangers. Don’t sit in a hot tub or sauna.

Take care of your emotional health: Mood swings are common during pregnancy. If it is extreme and due to it you are suffering from depression and anxiety, a professional help may be what you need. If you are in an abusive relationship, you should let your caregiver know about it.

Tips to Lead a Happy & Healthy Life

downloadWhen planning to make some healthy changes in your life, you would definitely not want to have yet another calorie-counting food journal or a book that suggests a the list of effective exercises for toning up the troublesome parts of the body. Right? Rather you would want to look for simple tips to lead a healthier life. Here are some tips for a happier, healthier life. Have a look at them:

Eat colours of rainbow: Eat fruits and vegetables that are found in a variety of bright, deep colours. Make sure you take up these food in your diet along with others. Too much of colour is a sign of loads of phytonutrients, biologically active substances, which protect the plants from bacteria and viruses and give same benefits to human beings.

Exercise the way the kids play: To burn calories, there is no need to rub long distances without any interval. Short bursts of too much of exertion interspersed with leisurely movement is ideal. Interval training is what has become a must. For this, you will not need the assistance of a personal trainer or any specially designed workout. While you are running, you can sprint for 1 minute and then walk trot or walk for five. While swimming, you can swim one lap fast and then do 3 at your own leisurely pace. Exercising this way, you will be able to burn more.

Spend a lot of time with people whom you love: This is a very important thing for living a happier, healthy life. You need to be around people who can make you laugh, who can listen deeply to you and with whom you can talk about your problems very easily. You need to be your true self. Don’t think that Facebook or mail or phone is going to help you here. Physical and emotional closeness matters a lot.

Take these every week : Cruciferous veggies can lower the risk of cancer. The dark leafy greens offer more calorie and nutrition than any other kind of food. Avocados help in protecting the body from cancer, heart disease and a few degenerative diseases. Blueberries help in preventing diabetes, cancer, ulcers, heart disease and high blood pressure. All these act as popular Chinese medicine in Northern Beaches in keeping the body fit and healthy. Chinese medicine basically focuses on restoring the balance of body, energy and spirit for maintaining health rather than treating any specific medical condition or disease. healthy-lifestyle

Wander barefoot : Walk barefoot on grass, sand or earth whenever you get chance. Not only does it boost the immune system of our body, it even give us a little charge. We get electrons from earth just like we get oxygen from air, vitamin D from sun and so on. The electrons actually have calming as well as healing benefits for the entire body.

Important Points You Need to Know About Acupuncture and Fertility

fertility _ Northside AcupunctureAcupuncture is the process of inserting sterile and ultra-thin needles into the specific acupuncture points on body that reside on the meridians or channels; these are basically the pathways in both the interior as well as exterior of the body. These specific points, when needled are able to function the way in which the body actually functions. The process of acupuncture helps by addressing the problems, which affect fertility like over-functioning thyroid or under-functioning thyroid.

Acupuncture in combination with Chinese herbal medicine is often been used for treating some and not all the causes of infertility. For instance, acupuncture and the Chinese herbs will not work to address the tubal adhesions that may occur as a result of endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. But in such a situation, the individual could still benefit from herbs and acupuncture due to the impact of improved follicular and ovarian function. Moreover, acupuncture may increase the flow of blood to endometrium thus helping in facilitating the rich thick lining.

Acupuncture is same like physical therapy. The patients are usually treated for 3-4 months before progressing towards insemination, transfer of donor egg or IVF. This kind of treatment has a therapeutic effect. Research even indicates that acupuncture in conjunction with IVF cycle increases the chances of fertility rate by 55%. That is the reason you will find many a acupuncture clinic in Northern Beaches giving IVF support.

It has however been found out that women are usually encouraged to get acupuncture treatments in pre as well as post embryo transfer stage. The clinical observations suggest that most effective treatments of fertility in Northern Beaches involve the combination of acupuncture as well as Chinese herbal medicine. But conception often occurs when herbal medicines and acupuncture are used without the traditional medical interventions.

Acupuncturists must never place the needles in abdomino-pelvic area after transfer or insemination. There are six contraindicated acupuncture points that must be avoided when the pregnancy is suspected or the patient is actually pregnant. These include large intestine 4, gallbladder 21, spleen 6, stomach 12, bladder 67, bladder 60 and any other point on lower abdomen.

There are hardly any risks that are associated with using acupuncture while treating fertility. The risk of loss of an embryo before 20th week of pregnancy can increase if wrong acupuncture points are used at the time of pregnancy. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why opting to include this therapeutic process in the treatment regimen must only be done by an expert acupuncturist who can treat fertility disorders.

Some Interesting Facts on Acupuncture Treatment

acupuncture for pain relief _ Northside AcupunctureAcupuncture is basically a complementary therapy. It is being increasingly used in managing the day-to-day pain of people. It is widely used for pain relief in Northern Beaches. It actually originated in the country of China over three thousand years ago, but now it is practiced all over the world.

In TCM system, the human body is usually witnessed as a very delicate balance of two inseparable and opposing forces-yin & yang. Yin is the representation of cold, passive or slow principle, whereas yang represents excited, active or hot principle.

One of the major assumptions in Traditional Chinese Medicine is that our health is achieved by maintaining the body in a ‘balanced state’ and that disease is actually the result of internal balance of yin and yang. Imbalance causes blockage in the flow of vital energy or ‘Qi’ along the pathways, which are popular as meridians. It’s believed that there are twelve major meridians and eight secondary meridians and that there are more than two thousand points of acupuncture on the human body, which connect with them. Corelations are based on a close clinical observation, which have existed for long.

Fine needles are basically inserted into the body locations in acupuncture. These locations are popular as acupoints. There are about four hundred acupuncture points and twenty meridians connecting most points. Twelve meridians are on legs and arms. The meridians are divided into yin and yang groups. Yin meridians of arms are pericardium, lung and heart. Yang meridians of arm are triple warmer, large intestine and small intestine. Yin meridians of the leg are the liver, spleen and kidney. Yin meridians of the leg are gall bladder, stomach and bladder.

There are different techniques of acupuncture treatment. The major one is needling. The needles are usually inserted to a depth of about 4-25mm and left in that place for some time. Usually, six to twelve needles are inserted at various acupoints at the same time. Sensation experienced is described as a dull ache or tingling at entry point. There are many people who even say that they feel quite sleepy or relaxed. Some also report increased levels of energy afterwards.

Electro acupuncture or EA as it is called is also a popular technique of acupuncture. In this technique, a small focused electric current is applied to the skin at acupoints or applied to needle itself. There are several modalities that are considered like the frequency of the stimulation, the amplitude of the stimulation and the duration of the stimulation.

Another technique popular as moxibustion is also used by practitioners in acupuncture treatment. Here a stimulating heat is applied onto the needle over acupoints. In laser acupuncture, low-energy laser beam is basically directed onto acupoint.