How to Send Birthday Flowers?

Happy-Birthday-Berni-yorkshire_rose-21002441-1024-768Birthday is a special occasion for every single person. This is the day when people love to feel special. And the best way to make someone feel special is by sending a bouquet of flowers or flower arrangements. But the question is how would you send birthday flowers?

One obvious answer is that you can carry the flowers yourself after buying from a shop and give it to her on her birthday. This is the easiest and best option. But there can be times when it might not be possible for you to meet your loved one or special someone on her birthday. Then in that case what should you do?

After buying the flower, you can ask someone to deliver it for you. In fact, most of florists offer the service of delivering flower to the destination that you want after you buy from them. Sometimes they take no charge for delivery and sometimes they do charge. However, this probably depends upon the klm. For instance, Flowers in the Valley, a reputed florist offering flower delivery in Morwell, charges their customers depending on the distance from Morwell CBD. Upto 10klm from Morwell CBD, they do not charge anything but after that they do take charges. They charge $10 when the order received is 10-15klm from Morwell CBD.

There are even many websites that take orders of flower delivery online. You can make use of these sites for sending birthday flowers to your loved one. These sites have become very popular nowadays and if you browse the internet you can find hundreds of sites that offer a wide range of birthday flowers and bouquets to choose from. They stock multitude of flowers and sometimes many of these companies even give the opportunity to their customers to customize their flower bouquet.

When choosing your florist in Morwell, one thing that you must always keep in your mind is that the florist  must be someone who offers fresh flowers at an affordable price range for birthdays. If you order the flowers the same day, you should make sure that they have an express delivery system by which they will be able to deliver the fresh flowers the same day. In fact, most of the florists besides offering normal system of overnight delivery also delivers flowers the same day when orders are placed before 2pm in recipient’s time zone.  images (2)

Generally, all the florists let their customers include a personalized message along with the birthday bouquet. So, if you want, you can surely include a personalized card along with your gift. Flowers may be delivered in special boxes along with your personalized message if you have any and the essential tips on arranging or preserving the flowers. Some even have teddies, balloons or candles when ordered or requested.

Tips to Lead a Happy & Healthy Life

downloadWhen planning to make some healthy changes in your life, you would definitely not want to have yet another calorie-counting food journal or a book that suggests a the list of effective exercises for toning up the troublesome parts of the body. Right? Rather you would want to look for simple tips to lead a healthier life. Here are some tips for a happier, healthier life. Have a look at them:

Eat colours of rainbow: Eat fruits and vegetables that are found in a variety of bright, deep colours. Make sure you take up these food in your diet along with others. Too much of colour is a sign of loads of phytonutrients, biologically active substances, which protect the plants from bacteria and viruses and give same benefits to human beings.

Exercise the way the kids play: To burn calories, there is no need to rub long distances without any interval. Short bursts of too much of exertion interspersed with leisurely movement is ideal. Interval training is what has become a must. For this, you will not need the assistance of a personal trainer or any specially designed workout. While you are running, you can sprint for 1 minute and then walk trot or walk for five. While swimming, you can swim one lap fast and then do 3 at your own leisurely pace. Exercising this way, you will be able to burn more.

Spend a lot of time with people whom you love: This is a very important thing for living a happier, healthy life. You need to be around people who can make you laugh, who can listen deeply to you and with whom you can talk about your problems very easily. You need to be your true self. Don’t think that Facebook or mail or phone is going to help you here. Physical and emotional closeness matters a lot.

Take these every week : Cruciferous veggies can lower the risk of cancer. The dark leafy greens offer more calorie and nutrition than any other kind of food. Avocados help in protecting the body from cancer, heart disease and a few degenerative diseases. Blueberries help in preventing diabetes, cancer, ulcers, heart disease and high blood pressure. All these act as popular Chinese medicine in Northern Beaches in keeping the body fit and healthy. Chinese medicine basically focuses on restoring the balance of body, energy and spirit for maintaining health rather than treating any specific medical condition or disease. healthy-lifestyle

Wander barefoot : Walk barefoot on grass, sand or earth whenever you get chance. Not only does it boost the immune system of our body, it even give us a little charge. We get electrons from earth just like we get oxygen from air, vitamin D from sun and so on. The electrons actually have calming as well as healing benefits for the entire body.

A New Collaborative Initiative For Restoring Waikato River

kayakers_waikato_river_new_zealand_photo_rob_suistedDr Nick Smith, the Environment Minister, on February 26, welcomes the launch of Waikato River Restoration Strategy. He said that the new collaborative initiative is going to have a vital role to play in ensuring the long-term health of the nation’s longest river.

Dr Smith said that the location as well as the size of Waikato River means it has importance for not only the surrounding area but for the rest of NZ. The Forum of Waikato River Restoration brings together the industry, iwi, landowners and central and local government for developing a 5-15 year strategy for its restoration as well as well-being.

The Forum is however chaired by the Waikato River Authority, the independent Crown-iwi organisation. The member of the Forum include Fonterra, DairyNZ, Waikato River iwi, Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy,Waikato Regional Council and other territorial authorities.

Dr Smith said that there are several organisations, which are presently involved in activities for restoring the Waikato River. However, there is a great scope for these efforts to be better integrated and coordinated. The establishment of new collaborative forum is going to address the risks of inefficiencies and duplication. images

He added, “ The first priority for this new body will be to produce a strategy to help guide investment decisions for improving the health of the Waikato River, and to guide the Forum’s members to ensure the most logical and effective approach is adopted to restoration activities. This will ensure the maximum benefits are gained.”

The Waikato Regional Council,  DairyNZ and  Waikato River Authority-the three strategy partners, have even made funding committees towards this collaborative initiative. DairyNZ and the Authority are contributing about $200,000 each in direct costs whereas the regional council is due to put in $75,000 subject to the councillor approval. The other types of costs is going to be met by the vital in-kind support like staff time, from the council and DairyNZ.

Dr Smith says, “I commend the work of all those involved in this new initiative, which builds on the Government’s vision for the effective management of our freshwater.”

Waikato River is regarded as the longest river in New Zealand. The present course of Waikato River was actually formed about 17,000 years before. The main tributary of the river is Waipa River. It has its confluence with Waikato at Ngaruawahia.

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(Bilimoria Consulting is a one of the top notch resource management consultants in NZ offering planning & resource management services across different range of development as well as policy areas.)

How to Make Flower Arrangements?

615x200-ehow-images-a01-ue-a6-make-flower-arrangement-800x800Floral arrangements are a versatile and classic tool of decoration. They may be extravagant, simple, large or small and may brighten up any room with their aroma and beauty. Since long flowers have actually been used for headdresses, centre pieces, bouquets and wreaths and are considered as a timeless décor option.

Like any décor element, flower arrangements basically incorporate the main principles of proportion, harmony, contrast and balance. They are pleasing to the eye but do not seem proportionate or balanced when it comes to symmetry particularly the ones that are popular nowadays. So, if you want to start out making an arrangement, the first thing is that you should visualize what you actually want. You can start with an image as your guide if you aren’t sure.

The occasion should dictate your décor. In that case, if you are making arrangements for wedding, the factors which should dictate your preferences must be entirely different from the ones that are used in funerals. Floral arrangements should reflect the mood and be sombre.

Here are some tips from a reputed florist in Latrobe Valley on how you should make floral arrangements for all kinds of occasions.

Choosing a receptacle: Containers and vases come in different kinds of sizes and shapes. You should pick up a container or vase that you will be comfortable to work with. Choosing simple vases or smaller bowls are a good option than the large vases, which are sometimes hard to handle. Depending on where you would want to place the arrangement, choose a vase or container in various styles-fish bowls, glass, small planters, cookie jars and more. Next is floral foam. You will find these from your local flower shop. They may be customized and cut to the specific size of your vase and offer support for the stems.  Foam block should be soaked in water in order to keep the flowers stay lively and fresh.

Choice of flower: You can let your flowers dictate your floral arrangement or if you want you can pick up a flower arrangement and then  choose the flowers. For instance, if you are making an arrangement that is triangular in shape, it is going to mean shorter flowers in more profusion at bottom as well as long stemmed flowers at top. Similarly, round shapes arrangements in shallow bowl need very small stems and may make use of soft stemmed flowers, which do not hold up quite well in the tall arrangements.

The foliage & fillers: Adding foliage adds element of contrast in terms of colour and help fill in the gaps. The fillers may be used for sprucing the arrangement and adding width and volume.

Importance of Flowers in Our Lives

fall-wedding-flowers-bouquetsFor many centuries flowers occupied an important place in our lives. Flowers are regarded as a symbol of love, beauty and a gift of nature. Flowers are used by us to provoke the feelings of love and happiness because they have the power to make people happy and cheerful.

On different occasions people make use of different kinds of flowers. They are often used on occasions like anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, funeral and thanksgiving. But it is also true that flower arrangements are mainly used in the decorations of wedding parties, birthday parties and homes. A lot of people nowadays are ordering flowers online and getting flower delivery in Churchill right at their destination at a very affordable price.

Different kinds of flowers express different meanings. For example, the magnificence and tenderness of red rose has been widely praised ever since the ancient times. A red rose bouquet helps to convey the feelings of love towards the person whom you love without saying any single word. Colored roses like white (purity), red (love), lavender (excitement), yellow (joy), orange (enthusiasm),dark pink (gratitude) and light pink (admiration) also express different emotions of our life.

Apart from expressing feelings and emotions, studies have also shown that flowers are capable of influencing our moods. Beautiful flowers kept in hospital rooms can reduce the stress of patients and improve their recovery. It has also been seen a vase filled with fresh flowers in the drawing room, dining room and living room creates a relaxing atmosphere and enhances the beauty of home.

A lot of studies even proved that flowers have healing properties as well. Presence of multicolored flowers can produce joyful impact on people’s mind. A garden and a park full of different flowers is the best place to spend some quality time. If you have worries or are depressed, you will see how these flowers can impact our lives. You will feel a lot more relaxed and refreshing after sitting in the park or garden with full of flowers.

Flowers also help women to make them  look and feel more beautiful. After all, they are an integral part of many cosmetics that are used by women. Nowadays, a lot of women are also using them in spa to feel rejuvenated and lively. So importance of flowers in women life can never be overlooked.

Flowers have always played an important role in our lives; they are playing a vital role now and will be of great importance even in future. We can never deny the importance of flowers in our lives. They have a great role in make us feel happy and cheerful in every situation of our life.

Celebrate the International Day of Happiness-Some Tips for You

International Happy Day _ Counselling BondiDo you know that 20th March is the International Day of Happiness? Although we aspire to enhance our emotional well-being each and every day, this particular day has a very special meaning. The UN has launched this initiative in the year 2012 for expanding how we actually think about pursue the economic growth of the world. According to UN, sustainable growth should balance the environmental, economic and social well-being, which means that emotionally balanced and healthy people are core to the economic success.

For celebrating this day, take time to reflect on how you are balancing your well-being and emotional growth. If you think you have to rebalance a bit, consider the following tips:

Start with your vision as well as your values: What vision do you actually hold for yourself as well as your family? What values do you have? Do you wish to live a life, which prioritises health, fitness, personal growth, adventure, community service, family connection, serenity, achievement and simplicity? Make it a collaborative exercise and make sure to invite people into conversation who are very much important to you. Then see what you come up as a team. This may turn out to be rich exercise where you can learn about what is essential to people whom you love. This can be inspiring and fun. Pick words as well as symbols, which you find to be emotionally engaging and refer back to easily as you strive to live them.

Show a gentle nature : This is an exercise, which is to be more closely aligned with what is essential to you. If you haven’t started achieving your goals already, give your mind a bit of rest from work. The main aim of the visions exercise is to have a look at where you actually are and what you wish to be and make necessary adjustments as needed. It is important for you to know here that what we do presently holds value for its own sake and in interest of our plans in future. We have to be right where we’re presently as we move towards future. Right now you should always accept who you are actually.

Have plans :The main factor, which affects emotional well-being is the feeling of achievement and progress. Set realistic goals and shorter terms along with your long-term goals. Plan behaviours and activities, which you can implement. This may need that you eliminate some of the activities, which are not really serving your criteria to make room for activities, which will. Make sure you celebrate your achievement of long-term and short-term goals.

Never forget about your allies : Sometimes we fail to look at resources and supporting people. Family and friends may often have ideas, resources and time to share, which we have not considered. You can also consider your employer. There is actually a constructive and thoughtful way of giving them a chance to retain a valued employee by having them included in conversation. There can be room for flexibility in your travel hours, schedule or responsibilities, which can help you in realigning your behaviour for meeting your goals and values.

I am a seasoned psychologist in Bondi Junction, NSW with 13 years of professional experience. Do let me know where your reflections actually took you and how your plans worked. I would love to hear form you.